Kiran Himatlalal Savai – Singer & creator of navkar mantra cd.

The singer and person behind making of Navkar Mantra in 27 raags had been singing it since last 5 years, with blessings of Guruji he sucessfully sang 27 songs . Navkar Mantra is immortal it will remain forever, but we our own busy lives do not chant it or at times it goes out of our mind, with 27 different tunes and raagas it exites you to listen to it more often. Just listening to it will destroy your sins and keep your soul clean. He wants everyone to listen to navkar and chant it regularly. There is no such cd available which has different raags. Also all the funds collected by sale is to be used in a helpful cause, there is no motive for earning from this cdrom. He thanks everyone who has helped in creating NavkarMantra and supported it. Please send your feedback to us.